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A.R.Rahman in Trouble due to Fatwa Issue

 A.R. Rahman, who had composed a music for an Iranian movie, "Muhammad: Messenger of God" was now stuck in trouble!

A group of Muslims based in Mumbai has issued Fatwa against the Oscar winner ans Slumdog Millionaire composer, A.R. Rahman and the Iranian movie's director Majid Majidi as well as the co-workers of that film. They claim the movie makes mockery over the Islam principles and if people don't like the film they will take it in a wrong way which would become an insult to the Prophets.

Also they claim the words of Prophet is being violated and they request not to show any of his visuals or pictures.

Responded Message from A. R. Rahman in his official Social Facebook Page for this Fatwa Issue

Nivedha Balu

Nivedha Balu

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