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Arya's Tweet about PULI irritates Fans

Arya, who is nowadays very active on Twitter, is of no surprise to make trolls on his friends and here is another thing which he had done to his friend Vishal that has gone viral over the media!

Today, the song of Vijay "Puli" and Vishal's "Paayum Puli" have released, and inspite of the huge expectations, Vishal's dearest friend, Arya tweeted as follows:

This tweet has terribly annoyed Vijay fans. It is to be noted that Vishal has previously asked Arya not to attend his audio release function earlier which was in the following Tweet:
and then by seeing Arya's Tweet, Vishal again gives a Tweet and surrenders to Arya:
Nivedha Balu

Nivedha Balu

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