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Simbu is stronger than Ever

Anyone who come across such kind of situation, surely will be broken down. But when the Madras High court confirmed the delay for ‘Vaalu’ movie, the actor SImbu claims that he is ‘Stronger than ever’

The actor shared his thought about movie delay in his official social page, "Thank all my fans , friends , media and, well wishers who have stood by me ... i am all gud and stronger than ever ... Thanks for the love :)"

He also added that he is not going to involve with ‘Tit for tat’ opportunity who those ensured that the movie is release on that day. "Whatever i say might be taken in the right or wrong way rite now so all i want to say is ,I have forgiven but i will not forget .God bless."

Nivedha Balu

Nivedha Balu

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