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'Baahubali - The Beginning' Official Tamil Trailer & Review

As said before Baahubali's official trailer has been out on Theatres today, which has a duration of 2 minutes 5 second long! This is actually the first part of the movie directed by S.S. Rajamouli which shows the visual what we can expect in the movie!!

Here is the Baahubali Official Trailer in Tamil:

Prabhas is shows in two different periods and Tamannaah with her sizzling attires. Rana seems to be a dangerous weapon while Satyaraj looks majestic as Raja guru and Naaser & Ramya Krishnan expelling venomous appearance. The epic is definitely filled with lots of things to watch for! The casting looks perfect for the tremendous epic story.

The Baahubali trailer has been censored UA by film authorities. The movie is slated to release on July17th worldwide.

Let's wait to watch the movie on-screens very soon.

Also, watch Baahubali official teaser here:
Nivedha Balu

Nivedha Balu

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