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Why Prasanna is showing more care on Sneha?

Prasanna, after getting married to Sneha has become very matured and now he's taking care of his beautiful wife with extreme care and affection. The couple are expecting for their first baby with lots of love. They are counting days for their baby to land on earth!

According to the sources, it has been heard that actor Prasanna is spending more time with his wife Sneha and taking care of all her needs. And the cute couple is eagerly expecting to become parents for the first time.

Regarding the production firm, all plans have been made and after the birth of their baby, announcements are to be made about their production venture.

Sneha and Prasanna fell in love when they were acting together for the movie "Achamundu Achamundu" after then got married with the blessing of their family and friends.
Nivedha Balu

Nivedha Balu

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